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These topics all relate to ASP/Active Server Pages in one way or another - they might be a fully featured script or a complete web application, they might just be an item which struck me as a rather inspired work in progress, they may just be a small but very useful sub-routine or function, they might be a tutorial which covers how to take advantage of your active server pages scripts or equally they might be a guide to tweaking some obscure but useful aspect of your scripts.

Although though we have tried our best make the quick links give you the most relevant items on this specific topic however if what you want is not here you might want to try going back to the main resources page and having a look at some of the other topics on offer as you will find they cover a wide range of material.

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Smart 404 Handler (modified 10.5.2005)
ASP script created as a replacement for the default 404 error page which ships with IIS. Aside from allowing a more personal (not to mention useful) message than the default page provided, this script also allows 301 & 302 redirects to be issued based upon the page which generated to the 404 in the first place. This means pages which have been moved can automatically take the user to the new page, allowing the user to get what they want rather than spending time trying to find your missing page. Also supports generating 403 forbidden and virtual aliases.

IIS Anti-Hotlinking Script (modified 27.5.2003)
ASP script designed to stop images from being hot-linked (linked to and/or used from other website). If an attempt is detected you can choose the exact image you would like to send in place of the image they requested. Additionally as the script uses only basic ASP components no ISAPI or 3rd party components are required to be installed before you can use this script.

Crawler Blocking & Filtering (modified 26.4.2004)
An ASP script which can be adapted to keep specific crawlers out of your ASP-based website, or these rules just be applied to single pages. The latest version of the script allows you to filter sources by both user-agent or by IP address, including full, partial and wildcard matches.

E-Mail Protector (modified 20.4.2004)
ASP script created to provide some security against any e-mail addresses present on your site being harvested by e-mail collectors (aka spambots). Unlike some other solutions the output from this script is still perfectly valid html and still remains useable even if javascript is disabled. As the script uses a combination of protection methods, ranging from address filtering through to examining request headers, this makes it a much harder target for a malicious spider to try to cheat an address out of.

Post Data Logger (modified 1.5.2002)
ASP script created to automatically log all the relevant information being passed via a post operation, it operates without an interface as it has but one purpose which is to automatically log the data which is send to it to a text file. Originally written to facilitate debugging of an unknown post operation to a local webserver, as it proved rather useful it was tidied up and placed here.

Relocated Resource Pointer (modified 25.5.2002)
ASP script created to allow the correct handling of requests for resources moved to a new location - response.redirect issues a 302 status which claims that the resource is temporarily moved whereas this script issues a 301 status code which means that the resource has moved permenantly. This not only means it is using the correct method but that it will make more sense to things like search engines.

State Data Diagnostic (modified 2.2.2003)
ASP script created to allow access to all the variables at a given moment in time, displaying all server variables, session data, cookie data and form data all listed out neatly on one page.

Authentication Prompt (modified 22.12.2001)
ASP script designed to provide multiple users with variable access levels. Uses the standard http-based authentication scheme and is composed of only ASP scripts - no DLL's, no global.asa changes, no NT authentication - to the casual observer it looks identical to the results produced by a htaccess-type script.

File I/O Module (modified 23.12.2001)
ASP script that lets you manipulate simple text files remotely, also functions as a tool to allow you to do some simple tests your IUSRs permissions. The code itself is quite simple and lacks most of the nice touches that are applied to these sorts of things - it simply uses the file system object (FSO) and where appropriate traps and reports any errors it encounters in an attempt to make it as small as possible.

Luhn's algorythm (modified 29.12.2001)
ASP script implementation of the Luhn algorythm (also known as the Mod 10 algorythm), which is a way to ensure that various types of credit and debit card numbers have been correctly typed without actually putting them through a slow (and often limited usage) card payment authentication system. Because this was just an experiment, it works in isolation operating on a very simple "enter number, check number, return status" system.

Safer coding with ASP (modified 1.10.2001)
Simple list of the key points which can help make the difference between your ASP scripts being safe or unsafe if they are ever probed for weaknesses in their logic - this guide explains each of the basic problems in turn, offers one possible solution as well as an explanation of why this particular solution resolves the problem.

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