Specialised VB, ASP & SQL resources

What's this site all about?

A variety of things, but it's best described as a niche resource website offering unique code and view-points for people with an interest in writing web-based applications with scripting languages such as active server pages.

We also cover more "traditional" programming languages such as visual basic and also database programming in the form of SQL / T-SQL.

Aside from resources focused towards coding we have a handful of guides & tutorials covering various topics relating to internet technologies such as web design & development issues.

All the content which is part of the site, be that code or documents, are original and written specifically for the website in an attempt to share some of the better material I've created rather than just hoarding it all on one a machine and letting it gather dust.

What does the future hold?

A redesign, a big upgrade and some serious content review.

Well as you can see the redesign's done. It's not exactly the worlds greatest piece of eye candy (or shiny if you will), but it's now a lot easier to use than the old version ever was. There's even a nice, easy to find, sidebar with lots of helpful options available should you get lost or just want to have a look around at our other offerings.

The 'bot tracking code was seriously overhauled & then tweaked to stop it flagging so many false positives, most of which were just browsers behaving oddly. Still testing it as we speak but the results so far look very positive - it's well on its way to becoming an autonomous 'bot tracking system - which is nice. As part of the overhaul the back-end database was changed to a more reliable format so we have as many problems - we're also testing a few really nice XML-based feeds created with this data so we can let other sites pick up the feed.

Finally this site is all about content and despite my best efforts some of it has gotten a little stale, while some of it causes me no end of problems when it comes to end-user support and ongoing maintenance. It's not all doom and gloom - at least a few of the topics will benefit from the review and come out better than before, for instance several of the coding projects were unfinished beta and through using them I've learnt where the biggest problems with them lie. Equally there are a number of guides that were written at a certain point in time for which a minor rewrite would do wonders.
ASP, SQL & VB meet the internet.


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